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Although we extend no advocacy for either Paterson nor Bloomberg, it is however very important for you to know what they have said on this issue.

Unclean bill of health for NY
   New York -> America’s Independent Party of New York  

[NY Post]

Pols fear $1B loss as plan clears Senate

Last Updated: 5:45 AM, December 25, 2009

Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Paterson warned that the health-care bill passed by the US Senate yesterday will badly shortchange New Yorkers and must be rewritten when negotiators hammer out a compromise with the House.

Paterson said he was “deeply troubled” because the Senate bill would cost the state nearly $1 billion and could mean a 15 percent reduction in payments to hospitals, nursing homes and other health providers.

He said that Medicaid has “dissed New York from the time it was founded,” and the Senate terms made it worse.

Bloomberg said of the Senate version’s Medicaid terms, “It penalizes the states and cities that reach into their pockets and take care of the neediest.” The Senate passed its version at 7 a.m. in a rare Christmas Eve session, setting the stage for hard bargaining. Differences with the House bill must be ironed out when Congress returns next month.

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The Constitution of New York : April 20, 1777

Constitution of NY State 1938

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The following Ny Officials all must go:


New York Legislative Leadership


Sheldon Silver
(Democratic, Liberal-NY)
Speaker, State Assembly

Earlene Hooper
(Democratic, Liberal-NY)
Deputy Speaker, State Assembly

Rhoda Jacobs
(Democratic, Liberal-NY)
Assistant Speaker, State Assembly

Harvey Weisenberg
(Working Families, Democratic, Independence-NY)
Assistant Speaker Pro Tempore, State Assembly

Vivian Cook
(Liberal, Democratic-NY)
Deputy Majority Leader, State Assembly

N. Nick Perry
(Democratic, Liberal, Working Families-NY)
Assistant Majority Leader, State Assembly

William Colton
(Working Families, Democratic-NY)
Majority Conference Chair, State Assembly

Michele Titus
(Democratic, Working Families, Liberal-NY)
Majority Conference Secretary, State Assembly

John McEneny
(Working Families, Democratic, Independence-NY)
Majority Steering Chair, State Assembly


James Conte
(Conservative, Republican, Working Families, Independence-NY)
Assistant Minority Leader Pro Tempore, State Assembly

Dierdre Scozzafava
(Republican, Independence, Conservative, Working Families-NY)
Minority Leader Pro Tempore, State Assembly

Thomas Alfano
(Working Families, Republican-NY)
Assistant Minority Leader, State Assembly

Robert Walker
(Independence, Conservative, Republican, Working Families-NY)
Minority Steering Vice Chair, State Assembly

Patricia Eddington
(Working Families, Independence-NY)
Majority Steering Vice Chair, State Assembly

Eric Schneiderman
(Working Families-NY)
Deputy Majority Leader, State Senate

William Stachowski
(Independence, Conservative, Democratic, Working Families-NY)
Assistant Majority Leader, State Senate

David Valesky
(Democratic, Working Families-NY)
Vice President Pro Tempore, State Senate

Velmanette Montgomery
(Democratic, Working Families-NY)
Assistant Majority Whip, State Senate

John Sampson
(Working Families, Democratic-NY)
Majority Conference Leader, State Senate

Antoine Thompson
(Working Families, Democratic-NY)
Majority Whip, State Senate

Ruth Hassell-Thompson
(Democratic, Independence, Working Families-NY)
Majority Conference Chair, State Senate

Toby Ann Stavisky
(Democratic, Working Families-NY)
Majority Conference Vice Chair, State Senate

José Serrano
(Working Families, Democratic-NY)
Majority Conference Secretary, State Senate

Diane Savino
(Democratic, Working Families-NY)
Majority Steering Chair, State Senate

Thomas Duane
(Democratic, Working Families-NY)
Majority Program Development Chair, State Senate


Owen Johnson
(Working Families, Independence, Conservative, Republican-NY)
Assistant Minority Leader, State Senate

Thomas Morahan
(Conservative, Working Families, Independence, Republican-NY)
Minority Policy Chair, State Senate

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