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This new “gateway” offers facts, figures, and historical perspectives on how the immigration issue has affected the United States’ political, social, and economical realms over the past 150 years.  It also begins to offer solutions to bring about true immigration reform that serves the national interests of the United States.

FAIR has created this educational curriculum, beginning with three initial modules, and will continue to add new modules over the coming months. We hope you use the Online University and that you will share the information you find here with your friends and colleagues.


Immigration 1o1 / E-Verify / Local Enforcement

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  • Reid Jobs Bill Gives Tax Breaks for Hiring Illegal Workers

     Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid unveiled his jobs bill last week that proposes tax exemptions and tax credits for employers who hire and retain workers — regardless of their immigration status

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  • Facing Fiscal Crisis, Nevada Should Consider Costs of Illegal Immigration02.19.2010
  • U.S. and Cuba Migration Talks Start02.19.2010
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  • Analysis of the Gutierrez Amnesty Bill

    How the Senate Health Care Bill Impacts Immigration

    Rising Immigrant Admissions to the United States

  • FAIR Endorses Fairness for American Students Act
  • President’s Focus on Putting Americans Back to Work Missing Key Element, Says FAIR
  • State of the Union Will Reveal State of Immigration Reform for 2010
  • FAIR Launches Online University
  • Voters Reward Immigration Enforcement Even in Massachusetts
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     111th Congress Information coming soon…

    110th Congress (September 2008)

    Legislative Resources

    Since its founding, FAIR has monitored legislative attempts that would affect the nation’s immigration policies and often joined in these debates as the voice of the American citizen. FAIR has always strived to both influence the immigration debate and raise awareness about the impact of immigration-related legislation.

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    Summary of H.R. 4321: Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America’s Security and Prosperity

    Download the detailed analysis in pdf.

    Recent Analyses

    • How the Senate Health Care Bill Impacts Immigration pdf   mp3
      December, 2009
    • How the Latest House Health Care Bill Impacts Immigration pdf
      November, 2009
    • House Health Care Reform Bill Will Burden American Taxpayers, Waives Welfare Reform’s Waiting Period For Legal Immigrants pdf
      November, 2009
    • House Health Care Reform Bill Will Allow Illegal Aliens to Receive Taxpayer-Funded Health Care pdf

    Immigration Reform Agenda for the 111th Congress

    An Immigration Reform Agenda for the
    111th Congress

    download the pdf
    Road to Amnesty New!
    Paving the Road to Amnesty (December 2009)
    A comprehensive assessment of President Obama’s record on immigration during his first year in office.Download the full report in pdf format.
    Amnesty and Joblessness Updated!
    Amnesty and Joblessness (November 2009)
    15.4 Million Unemployed Americans Shouldn’t Have to Compete for Jobs with Illegal Aliens.Download the full report in pdf format.
    The First 100 Days The First 100 Days in Review
    Obama’s Record on Immigration Enforcement Should Make Americans Wary About Future Promises of Security or Enforcement.Download the pdf.
    E-Verify Talking Points:
    Get the Facts You Need About E-Verify
    H-2A Agricultural Guest Worker Program Backgrounder:
    H-2A Agricultural Guest Worker Program pdf
    Legislative Summary Legislative Backgrounder:
    Major Immigration Proposals in the 110th Congress pdf

    Legislative Updates

    Every week FAIR’s Government Relations team sends an electronic Legislative Update to subscribers that explains legislative debates and decisions, covers national immigration-related stories of interest, and aims to educate readers on the principles of education reform. To sign up for the weekly updates, visit here.

    • Reid Jobs Bill Gives Tax Breaks for Hiring Illegal Workers
    • Enforcement Plays Key Role in Declining Illegal Alien Population
    • Virtual Fence Plagued by Technical Failures and Delays; Now Faces Budget Cuts 
    • Obama Proposes Cuts to Important Immigration Enforcement Programs
    • Senators Push for Immigration Measures in Jobs Bill
    • Fourteen Texas Busing Companies Implicated in Illegal Alien Smuggling Scheme
    • Obama’s Aunt Remains in the U.S. Illegally 
    • State of the Union Disappoints Amnesty Forces
    • U.S. Suspends then Resumes Transport of Haitians as Florida Hospitals Become Overwhelmed
    • Christmas Day Bombing Highlights Turf War Over Visa Authority
    • Representatives Introduce Bill to Block Illegal Aliens from Accessing In-State Tuition 
    • Scott Brown’s Victory in Massachusetts Demonstrates the American People Support Immigration Enforcement
    • Rep. Chaffetz Files Bipartisan Resolution in Support of True Immigration Reform
    • Homeland Security Grants Humanitarian Parole to Haitian Orphans
    • Homeland Security to Fast-Track TPS Applications for Illegal Aliens; Fraud Likely
    • Arizona and Indiana Move Forward With Immigration Enforcement Bills
    • Aliens in U.S. Military Receive Fast-Track to U.S. Citizenship 
    • Homeland Security Grants Haitians Temporary Protected Status
    • Immigration Enforcement Agents Drive Illegal Aliens to Work
    • Representatives Call for End to Visa Lottery
    • New Jersey Abandons In-State Tuition for Illegal Aliens
    • Immigration Lawyers Turn a Profit Recruiting Foreign Nationals for Wealthy Investor Visa Program 
    • Hispanic Caucus Considering Health Care Flip-Flop
    • New Jersey Lawmakers Push to Grant Tuition Breaks for Illegal Aliens
    • Liberal Think Tank Claims Amnesty Would Benefit Economy
    • As Introduction of Senate Amnesty Bill Looms, McCain and Graham Face Repercussions at Home 
    • Radical Amnesty Bill Introduced in House
    • Federal Government Slashes SCAAP Funding In Omnibus Appropriations Bill
    • Senate Continues to Ignore Immigration During Health Care Debate
    • New Asylum Detention Policy Jeopardizes National Securit
    • DHS Caves, Delays REAL ID Compliance Deadline 
    • Gutierrez to Introduce Amnesty Bill Tuesday
    • Senate Immigration & Health Care Debate Continues
    • Napolitano: DHS Taking “Unprecedented Action” to Enforce Immigration Laws
    • Congress May Attempt to Sneak PASS ID Through Before Year End
    • Has the Time Come for an Immigration Time-Out? 
    • Senate Health Care Bill Disappoints True Immigration Reformers
    • New Data Show Interior Enforcement in Freefall
    • House Judiciary Republicans Hold Immigration Forum on Capitol Hill
    • Massachusetts Governor Pushes for Driver’s Licenses and Tuition Breaks for Illegal Aliens
    • Illegal Aliens Moving to Texas in Wake of Tough Oklahoma Law 
    • La Raza and FAIR Face Off on Providing Taxpayer-Subsidized Health Care to Illegal Aliens
    • Napolitano Affirms Amnesty Legislation is on the Agenda in Early 2010
    • Illegal Alien Files Million Dollar Suit against Sheriff in Attempt to Undermine 287(g)
    • British Prime Minister Acknowledges “Cost” of Immigration, Advocates Reduction 
    • House Leadership Sides with Congressional Hispanic Caucus on Health Care Bill, Passes Bill With Illegal Alien Coverage Loophole
    • Senate Democrats Block Vitter/Bennett Census Amendment
    • Vulnerable Democrats Tell Leadership to Avoid Amnesty in 2010
    • True Immigration Reformers Win Statewide Elections in Virginia 
    • Latest House Health Care Bill Contains Verification Process that Raises Concerns
    • Sen. Reid Blocks Sen. Sessions’ E-Verify Amendment to Unemployment Extension Bill
    • Federal Contractor Says E-Verify Helps With Hiring Process
    • Congressional Letters Push Administration on 287(g), Amnesty 
    • Including Illegal Aliens in 2010 Raises Serious Constitutional & Voting Rights Issues
    • Investigation Reveals ICE Monitoring Programs are Ineffective Immigrant Detention Alternatives
    • With Unemployment Near Ten Percent, Giffords Seeks Importation of More Cheap Foreign Labor 
    • Congressman Gutierrez Outlines “Core Principles” of an Amnesty Bill
    • Final Version of DHS Spending Bill Contains Troubling Immigration Provisions
    • White House Uses Federal Funds to Steer Volunteers to Pro-Amnesty Groups
    • Amendment to Require Citizenship and Immigration Questions as Part of Census on Hold in Senate 
    • Congress Kills Permanent Extension of E-Verify
    • DHS Weakens Immigration Detention System
    • Senate Rejects Immigration Amendments to Bill that Funds the Census Bureau and DOJ
    • ICE Forces Sheriff Joe to Sign Weakened 287(g) Agreement
    • Senators Question Napolitano on Possible Reduction of Border Patrol Agents
    • FAIR Pulls Back the Curtain on the Tactics of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) 
    • Immigration Amendments to Senate Finance Committee Health Bill Could See Action this Week
    • Congress Set to Pass Short-Term Funding Resolution, Including 31-day E-Verify Extension
    • Rep. Gutierrez to Introduce Amnesty Bill
    • True Immigration Reformers Score Victory in House 
    • White House Endorses Closing Illegal Alien Health Care Loophole, Outrages Open Borders Lobby
    • Senate Health Reform Plan Released This Week
    • 2009 Hold Their Feet to the Fire a Resounding Success
    • New Report Shows Schools Increasingly Hiring Foreign Teachers Over Americans 
    • Reminder: FAIR’s Annual Hold Their Feet to the Fire Event – September 15 and 16
    • President’s Speech before Congress Generates Heated Controversy, Commitments on Enforcement
    • New Report Highlights Costs of Illegal Immigration in Health Care Reform
    • New Orleans Mayor Reaffirms City’s Sanctuary Policy 
    • REMINDER: FAIR’s Annual Hold Their Feet to the Fire Event – September 15 through 16
    • Media Fails to Focus on How Best to Close Illegal Alien Loophole in House Health Care Bill
    • DHS Allowing Illegal Aliens to Remain in Workforce; DOL Helping Them Improve Working Conditions
    • Special Interests Fail to Block E-Verify Federal Contractor Mandate 
    • Congressional Research Agency Confirms Illegal Aliens Will Get Health Benefits Under House Bill
    • Federal Court Upholds E-Verify Federal Contractor Rule
    • Illegal Alien Faces Death Penalty for 2008 Murder of High School Football Star 
    • Obama Denies Existence of Health Care Loophole for Illegal Aliens
    • One House Member Creatively Justifies Vote Against Closing Illegal Alien Health Care Loophole
    • White House Holds Private Meeting with More than 100 Special Interest Amnesty Advocates
    • ICE Axes Arrests Quotas for “Fugitive Operations” Program 
    • Illegal Alien Health Care Loophole a Topic of Debate at August Townhall Meetings
    • While in Mexico, President Obama Promises Amnesty Next Year
    • DHS April Report Attacking True Immigration Reformers as “Extremists” Further Discredited 
    • Congress Adjourns for Recess, Busy September Awaits
    • ICE Announces “Major” Reforms to Immigration Detention System
    • Polling Reveals Americans Support Reducing Immigration 
    • Another House Committee Rejects Closing Health Coverage Loophole for Illegal Aliens
    • Audio Tape Reveals ICE Dismantling 287(g) Enforcement, Instructed Sheriff to Release Illegal Aliens
    • PASS ID Clears Senate Committee on Homeland Security 
    • House Committee Rejects Closing Health Coverage Loophole for Illegal Aliens
    • SAVE Act Reintroduced in House and Senate
    • Amnesty Supporters Criticize E-Verify in Senate and House Subcommittee Hearings
    • Frontline Law Enforcement Officer Criticizes New 287(g) Agreements
    • Phoenix Meeting of Law Enforcement Officials Concludes With Call for Amnesty 
    • Democratic House Leaders Conceal the Fact That Their Health Bill Covers Illegal Aliens
    • Senate Considers PASS ID – A Bill That Would Provide Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Aliens & Repeal 9/11 Commission Recommendation Regarding Secure IDs
    • Obama Administration Ignores Law, Advocates Asylum for Victims of Foreign Domestic Violence 
    • Senate Adopts Common-Sense Enforcement Measures as Part of DHS Appropriations Bill
    • Obama, Napolitano Scrap DHS No-Match Rule, Affirm E-Verify Rule for Federal Contractors
    • Homeland Security Announces Changes to 287(g) Program
    • Schumer Pushes Amnesty Bill by Labor Day, Despite the Objections of the American People 
    • New FAIR Report Shows Reducing Immigration Would Lower Carbon Emissions
    • Senate to Consider Homeland Security Spending Bill
    • States, Employers Advance with E-Verify While Feds Continue to Obstruct Program 
    • As E-Verify’s Use Grows, House Rules Committee Blocks Debate on E-Verify Amendments
    • Amnesty Bill This Year? White House, Congress Send Mixed Messages
    • California Soft on Criminal Illegal Alien
    • As Americans Struggle with College Costs, State Gives Discounted Tuition to Foreign Students 
    • La Raza Demands Obama’s Health Reform Plan Cover Illegal Aliens
    • Democrats on House Approps Committee Kill Another E-Verify Amendment
    • Pressure Mounting on Obama to Extend TPS Status to All Haitians, Including Illegal Aliens
    • Senators introduce Legislation to Weaken Secure Driver’s License Standards 
    • House Committee Rejects Long-Term E-Verify Extension, Other Immigration Amendments
    • U.S.-Mexico Border Fence Faces Yet Another Hurdle
    • DHS Suspends Provision Designed to Prevent Marriage Fraud
    • Governor Schwarzenegger “Happy” Illegal Aliens Receive Taxpayer-Funded Benefits 
    • White House Delays Immigration Summit as Special Interests Launch New Amnesty Campaign
    • Administration Delays E-Verify Rule for Fourth Time; House Subcommittee to Consider Reauthorization
    • Senate Judiciary Committee Reviews Uniting American Families Act 
    • ICE Uncovers $6 Million Scheme to Employ Illegal Aliens in 14 States
    • New Travel Requirements Require American Citizens to Show Passport to Re-Enter U.S.
    • Congressman Seeks to End Birthright Citizenship for Children of Illegal Aliens
    • Supreme Court Nominee Sotomayor Connected to La Raza and the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund 
    • White House Amnesty Summit to be Held Outside of Public View
    • Schumer Suggests Border Secure, American People Ready for Amnesty
    • Obama Administration Announces Expansion of Secure Communities Program
    • With Americans Out-of-Work, Hotel Industry Spends $350,000 Lobbying for More “Guest-workers”
    • Border Patrol Mourns Loss of Dedicated Agent 
    • Senate Rejects Vitter Amendment to Prevent Terrorists, Illegal Aliens from Getting Credit Cards
    • Agriculture Amnesty Bailout Bill (AgJOBS) Reintroduced in Congress
    • Lawmakers Question Napolitano on Homeland Security Budget Request
    • Fugitive Wanted by International Police Possibly Allowed into U.S. 
    • House Appropriations Committee Rejects Border Security, E-Verify Amendments
    • Napolitano Endorses DREAM Act; Dodges Questions about “Comprehensive” Immigration Reform
    • Supreme Court Rules on Identity Theft Case in Flores-Figueroa
    • Obama Administration Releases Budget; Immigration Programs Affected
    • Study Finds Porous Border Poses Significant Terrorist Threat 
    • With New Enforcement Guidelines, is DHS Signaling a Return to Catch and Release?
    • May Day Marches Renew Push for Amnesty, Open Borders
    • Despite Greenspan’s Testimony in Support of Amnesty & Illegal Immigration, Senate Hearing Still Fails to Make the Case for Amnesty
    • Utah Employer Praises E-Verify, Says Using it Helps His Business 
    • Senate Begins to Lay Groundwork for Amnesty
    • After a Series of Missteps, Lawmakers Question if DHS Secretary Napolitano is up to the Job
    • College Board Backs DREAM Act Amnesty Bill
    • Ohio Identification Scam Reveals Holes in System 
    • Obama Discusses Amnesty in Mexico, Delays E-Verify Rule in United States
    • Polls Show Washington Out-of-Touch with the American People on Amnesty, Border Security
    • Colorado Judge Ends Illegal Alien Identity Theft Investigation
    • Pew Study Shows Illegal Aliens Uneducated and a Burden to America’s Health Care System
    • Labor Coalitions Agree on Amnesty Bill Outline; Business Groups Express Concern
    • Grassley-Durbin Poised to Introduce Bill to Protect American Workers, Curb H-1B Abuses 
    • Obama Administration Signals Amnesty Push This Year; Strategy Still Unclear
    • DREAM Act Amnesty Bill Generating Flurry of Activity
    • Illegal Alien Commits Identity Theft; Receives Health Care Services Worth Half Million 
    • Biden: Amnesty at Odds With Economic Reality
    • Napolitano Signals Surrender on Immigration Enforcement
    • House Panels Debate 287(g)
    • UPDATE: Obama’s Illegal Alien Aunt Granted Ten More Months in United States
    • Despite Rising Unemployment, Banks Continue to Replace Americans with H-1B Visa Workers 
    • DREAM Act Introduced in the House and Senate
    • Obama Administration Announces New Steps to Tackle Drug Cartel Violence
    • Maryland Closer to Denying Illegal Aliens Driver’s Licenses
    • President Obama’s Illegal Alien Aunt to Fight Deportation at Upcoming Hearing 
    • Calling Enforcement “Un-American”, Pelosi Speaks Volumes about the Obama-Pelosi-Reid Immigration Agenda
    • Polls Reaffirm Americans Support Immigration Enforcement
    • Nations Around the World Look to Reduce Immigration Levels and Target Illegal Immmigration
    • Texas Attorney General Boosts Efforts to Repeal Sanctuary City Laws 
    • Obama, Napolitano at Odds About Using National Guard to Secure U.S.-Mexican Border
    • Ninth Circuit Upholds Arizona Illegal Alien Hiring Law
    • California Legislators Seek Statewide Recognition of Mexican Consular ID
    • DOJ Launches Investigation into Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff’s Department 
    • After Lengthy Delay, the Senate Will Allow a Vote on Long-Term Extension of E-Verify
    • House Committee Examines 287(g) Program
    • Texas, Utah Continue Push for Tougher Enforcement Legislation
    • D.C. Sanctuary City Policy at Issue in Chandra Levy Case 
    • Rep. Gutierrez Launches Nationwide Illegal Alien Amnesty Tour
    • Omnibus Appropriations Bill Contains Short-Term E-Verify Reauthorization
    • Indiana Senate Passes True Immigration Reform Bill 
    • Despite High Unemployment, Obama Puts Amnesty on the Agenda
    • IRLI Defends Arizona Ranchers’ Right to Protect Selves, Property Against Illegal Aliens
    • No Shortage of Low-Skilled Workers
    • New Studies Reveal How Illegal Aliens Strain Federal
    • UPDATE: Freedom Finally Attained for Former Border Patrol Agents Resources 
    • Congressional Leadership Strips E-Verify from Stimulus Bill
    • H-1B Amendment Survives Conference Committee
    • As Border Violence Escalates, Phoenix Ranks Second in the World in Kidnappings
    • Members of Congress Ask President Obama to Halt Construction of the Border Fence 
    • E-Verify Stalls in Senate after Senator Objects to Sessions’ Amendment
    • Senators Tackle H-1B Issues in Stimulus Bill
    • Obama Administration Politicizes the 2010 Census by Stripping Commerce Dept. of Oversight
    • Immigration Reform Legislation Abounds in the 111th Congress
    • Illegal Alien Convicted of Identity Theft Set to Appear Before the Supreme Court 
    • Bills Could Extend Taxpayer-Funded Rebates, Health Care to Illegal Aliens
    • Members Work to Protect American Jobs by Extending E-Verify
    • Senator Raises Concerns Over America’s High-Tech Companies & Banks Giving Pink Slips to American Workers While Giving Jobs to Foreigners
    • Enforcement, Economy Cause Remittances to Mexico to Fall for First Time in Thirteen Years 
    • House Appropriations Committee Adds E-Verify Amendments to Stimulus Bill
    • Senate Committee Assignments Announced
    • Open-Borders Amnesty Lobby Disappointed With Gillibrand Appointment 
    • Chertoff: DHS Has Mexican Border Violence Spillover “Contingency Plan”
    • SCHIP Legislation Passes in House and Senate Finance Committee
    • Homeland Security Nominee Questioned by Senators
    • Freedom Finally Coming for Former Border Patrol Agents 
    • Amnesty Remains a Priority for Senate Democrats, New Congress
    • New Congress, Administration Look to Expand Health Insurance for Low-Income Immigrants
    • Bush Administration Caves into Pressure and Delays E-Verify Regulation for Federal Contractors
    • President-Elect Obama, Mexican President Calderon Meet in Washington, DC 
    • Special Interests Sue to Block E-Verify Mandate for Federal Contractors
    • Homeland Security Report Indicates Possible Immigration-Related Terrorist Threats
    • Obama to Nominate Amnesty Supporter Solis to Head Labor Department
    • Company Agrees to $20.7 Million Settlement for Immigration Law Violations 
    • USCIS Adjusts Agricultural Guest Worker Regulations
    • Security Concerns Raised at Secretary Chertoff’s Home
    • Enforcement, Economy Causing Many Illegal Aliens to Return Home
    • Recession Could Prevent Obama from Taking on Immigration
    • Pro-amnesty Group Meets with Obama’s Transition Team
    • Kennedy to Give Up Chairmanship of Senate Immigration Subcommittee 
    • Senate Majority Leader Expects Comprehensive Amnesty Bill to Easily Pass
    • Governor Napolitano to Head DHS
    • Obama Announces Appointments; Congressional Hispanic Caucus Lobbies for More Hispanics

    Immigration Facts


    Immigration-related data are available for the country, for each of the states and the District of Columbia, for large metropolitan statistical areas, for large counties and for large cities. Data include:

    • Foreign-born population and share
    • Illegal Alien population and share (national and state only)
    • Naturalized (U.S. citizen) immigrants
    • Legal immigrant admissions
    • Costs of illegal aliens (national and state only)
    • Immigration’s impact on population growth

    Public opinion poll data on immigration issues are available for the country and many states as well as for demographic segments of the population.

    Immigration 101 is a primer on immigration issues for newcomers to the topic.

    Suggested Reading offers some seminal writing on immigration history and contemporary issues for persons seeking a greater depth of knowledge.

    The Quotes Library is a resource for persons seeking quotes by historic or current public figures on immigration issues.

    The Glossary is a resource in case you come on an obscure immigration related term or acronym that you don’t understand.

    National Data


    Summary Demographic National Data (and Source)
    Population (2008 CB est.): 304,059,724
    Population (2000 Census): 281,421,906
    Foreign-Born Population (2008 FAIR est.): 38,110,000
    Foreign-Born Population (2000 Census): 31,107,573
    Share Foreign Born (2008 FAIR est.) 12.5%
    Share Foreign-Born (2000 Census) 11.1%
    Immigrant Stock (2000 CB est.): 55,890,000
    Share Immigrant Stock (2000 est.): 20.4%
    Naturalized U.S. Citizens (2000 Census): 12,542,626
    Share Naturalized (2000): 40.3%
    Immigrant Admissions (DHS 1997-2006): 9,105,162
    Illegal Alien Population (2008 FAIR est.): 13,010,000
    Projected Population – 2025 (2006 FAIR): 364,237,000

    Immigration is a National Issue, For all data see full page

    How Many Illegal Aliens?

    The Costs to Local Taxpayers for Illegal or “Guest” Workers

    Immigration in Your Backyard

    State impact pages describe factors such as poverty, housing, smog, water, schools, land density, labor, traffic, farmland, and health care and other services. State extended data pages describe aspects such as immigration’s share of population growth, sources of immigrants, incarceration, etc.

    State Data

    Alabama Kentucky North Dakota
    Alaska Louisiana Ohio
    Arizona Maine Oklahoma
    Arkansas Maryland Oregon
    California Massachusetts Pennsylvania
    Colorado Michigan Rhode Island
    Connecticut Minnesota South Carolina
    Delaware Mississippi South Dakota
    District of Columbia Missouri Tennessee
    Florida Montana Texas
    Georgia Nebraska Utah
    Hawaii Nevada Vermont
    Idaho New Hampshire Virginia
    Illinois New Jersey Washington
    Indiana New Mexico West Virginia
    Iowa New York Wisconsin
    Kansas North Carolina Wyoming

    Local Data:

    Major Metropolitan Areas

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q <!– –>R S T U <!– –>V W X <!– –>Y Z <!– –>

    County Information

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z <!– Z –>

    <!– X –>

    City Information

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q <!– Q –>R S T U <!– U –>V W X <!– X –>Y Z

    What You Can Do

    Every day FAIR hears from people concerned about our immigration policies but who don’t know what they can do to help. The instructions and materials gathered here will help you channel your concern into action.

    If you haven’t registered on our site, do so today. You’ll get weekly email updates as well as action alerts and other information that will keep you informed. As a registered site user, you will also be able to fax and email Congress easily.

    FAIR’s field staff is also available to help you gather the information and tools you need to support immigration reform at the national and local level. We can arm you with facts, help you construct solid arguments, teach you to lobby your legislators, show you what immigration reformers are accomplishing, and even help you start your own local group.

  • Who Represents You?
  • Action Alerts<!–
  • Capitol Hill Basics
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  • Tips for Contacting Your Congressional Representative
  • Current Legislation<!–
  • Current Legislation
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  • Key Votes
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  • Contact Your FAIR Field Representative<!–
  • Get the Facts/Current News & Information
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  • Join/Organize a Local Group
  • Register as an Activist with FAIR
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