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Natural Law

The Three Keys to Liberty: part 2 of 5

In the 1960’s, mankind did the unthinkable.  He broke the restrictive bounds of gravity that had held him on the Earth’s surface since humanity’s conception.  He walked on the moon.  We humans are an innovative bunch, capable of bending the rules that govern nature through our technology.  Modern man has grown smug in his accomplishments and has begun to believe that all limits can be broken and that rules of the past are archaic.  However, without our machines we discover quickly that we cannot fly.  Gravity is a relentless force.  We will never fully conquer the laws that govern both the physical world and human nature.

Natural Law is unshakable, unchanging, and applies to both physical and social realities. Try as we might with new technologies and human “progress”, we will never be able to break free from its pull.  Natural Law is written into the fabric of reality, acknowledged by centuries of human thought, and so ingrained in human nature it’s an enigma why man has consistently overlooked it in application.

We all instinctively know that murder, theft, hate, and greed are wrong and destructive to society.  It is common sense that when families are healthy, children loved, and marriages strong that our society functions better.  When things are nurtured, they grow.  What is sown is harvested.  All actions have consequences.  Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.  These are all Natural Laws.

Historically, societies that are free, prosperous, and socially healthy are those which have based their human relations, institutions, and laws, or Positive Law, on Natural Law.  A society that does not, never completely realizes the fullness of human potential that can only come in the state of liberty.

Here lies the fantastic marvel of the American founding era.  For the first time in history a group of people sought to establish a government and society  based on Natural Law rather than the immediate desires of the majority ( a Democracy)  or the whims of a few (an Aristocracy).  Our Founders gave us a Republic.


They knew that without the proper forms of education, family, government, and economics that were based on Natural Law that America would end up like virtually every other society in history – an abysmal failure in the arena of human liberty, prosperity, and equality.

While not perfect, the American founding era has been the closest a people have gotten to creating a society based solely on Natural Law and the results have been stunning.  We have put a man on the moon and have brought untold liberty and prosperity to millions.

Now, the very foundations of our liberty and our Republic are at risk.  We have forgotten Natural Law.  We have accepted the absurd idea that the rules don’t apply to us anymore, that truth is relative, that there are no absolutes, and that morality is old fashioned and restrictive.  We have shifted our forms of family, government, economics, and education onto the shifting sand of poplar thought, pop culture, and personal whims.  The results, as the Greeks and Romans discovered in the past, will be devastating.  Individuals, as well as societies, do not thrive long when their lives and societal forms are divorced from Natural Law.  We are a society of miserable people, medicating our pain and depression with distraction and drugs, avoiding our lives by living vicariously through fictional characters found on screen, and aimlessly passing through the years without a sense of personal mission, worth, or hope.  Could it be that we have begun feeling the results that come from ignoring Natural Law?

Here lies the first key to maintaining liberty and the first “small stone” we must recover as a society.  It is time to relearn the unchangeable tenets of Natural Law and work to reinstall them into our lives, families, communities, and society.

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