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Debt and Deficits
Federal Budget Deficits Will Reach Levels Never Seen Before in the U.S.
Obama’s Budget Would Send Debt to Levels Not Seen Since World War II
Obama’s Budget Would Increase Debt by 13.8 Percent of GDP Compared to CBO Baseline
Obama’s Budget Would Create Unprecedented Deficits
The Unfunded Liabilities of Entitlement Programs Dwarf Recent Bailout Spending
The Long-Term Entitlement Spending and Deficit Problem Could Be Resolved Without Tax Increases
Entitlement Spending Will More Than Double by 2050
Entitlements Alone Will Eclipse Historical Tax Levels by 2052
If Tax Revenue Is Held At Historical Levels, Total Spending Could Reach 67 Percent of GDP
Obama’s Budget Ignores Entitlement Crisis
The Ratio of Workers to Social Security Beneficiaries Is Declining
Repealing Tax Cuts and Not Fixing AMT Won’t Balance the Budget
Social Security Spending Soon to Rise Rapidly
Tax Rates Would Need to More Than Double If Entitlements Are Not Reformed
Federal Spending
Defense Spending Remains Below Historical Levels Despite the War on Terror
Federal Spending Grew Nearly Seven Times Faster Than Median Income
Federal Spending Is Growing Faster Than Federal Revenue
Since 9/11, Federal Spending Increased Much Faster Than Inflation
Federal Spending Has Increased Steadily Regardless of Congressional Leadership
Federal Spending per Household Is Skyrocketing
FY 2009 Had the Second-Highest Number of Earmarks in History Despite Change in Congressional Leadership
Mandatory Spending Has Increased Five Times Faster Than Discretionary Spending
Mandatory Spending Will Increase by $7,538 per Household in 2009
Medicare and Medicaid Spending Will Rise with Increasing Health Care Costs
Obama’s Budget Would Return Defense Spending to Pre-9/11 Levels
Total Government Spending More Than Doubled Since 1965
Taxes and Tax Rates
The Clinton Administration Oversaw the Highest Increase in Taxes per Household
Corporate Income Tax Receipts Stay Constant Even as Tax Rates Decline
Corporate Income Tax Cuts Boost Federal Revenues
Current Tax Receipts Below Historical Average
Federal Government Revenues Have More Than Tripled Since 1965
Income Tax Receipts Stay Constant Even as Tax Rates Decline
Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey Have the Highest Percentage of Taxpayers Paying the Alternative Minimum Tax
A Breakdown of Federal Revenue Sources
Taxes per Household Have Risen Dramatically
The Top 10 Percent of Income Earners Paid 71 Percent of Federal Income Tax
Total Tax Burden Is Rising to Highest Level in History
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