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16th Amendment – A bad day in History

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How to protect yourself from an organization who doesn’t want to follow the law and put you in jail for giving them too much information.

Imagine what would happen if you received a letter from the notorious IRS? Doesn’t it make your heart jump? The IRS is probably one of the most fearful organizations within the U.S. Government, perhaps because it plays a part in everyone’s lives.

It almost seems that the IRS writes its own laws and cannot be held accountable for its actions. The truth is, the IRS does have procedures and Congress enacted laws that they must follow. The most unfortunate part is that they don’t follow their own written procedures and continuously bend the laws when they can get away with it.

And if that’s not bad enough, did you know that your chances of going to jail are 4 times higher when you file a 1040 Income Tax Confession Forms (misnamed Returns) as opposed to those who do not file 1040 Income Tax Confession Forms?

Where is the justice?

Certainly, there must be justice somewhere. What about the court system? Unfortunately, you might not find justice there since judges themselves are government paid, biased and do not want to upset the system thereby ending future advancement of their careers. Similarly, government officials are constantly ignoring the U.S. Constitution by expanding its powers while diminishing our constitutional rights and freedom.

Defend yourself from IRS’ aggression

What would it mean to truly say goodbye to the IRS? What would you do if April 15th was just another beautiful spring day?

We can teach you:

  • Learn how to look up the law and never end up following baseless legal theories that are out there. This is where you can learn how to not get yourself in trouble by verifying somebody’s theory.
  • Learn legal procedures to protect your rights and freedom. Learning how the court system works and different legal procedures will increase your chances of winning the case. In fact, you can save some legal costs by doing some of the work for yourself.
  • Learn how to defend yourself from aggressive state and federal income tax agencies. Knowing what to say and what to do is VERY IMPORTANT for the outcome of your case. Giving the wrong information and not knowing when to not talk can cause you to LOSE YOUR case.
  • Stop funding the enemies of American People who have taken control of America’s political process and are destroying America and our freedoms.

Don’t have the time to study, need help fighting the government’s attack now?

Freedom Law School hosts a FREE weekly conference call every Tuesday night at 6PM Pacific Time. The number is (712) 432-3900, conference room number is 460421. Ask any questions you have regarding: Freedom, government and bureaucratic abuse, law, your rights, IRS issues, state tax issues, traffic tickets, judges, politicians…

If you have an urgent tax or government harassment problem, quickly give us a call at (760) 868-4271 or e-mail us. Since 1992, we have helped hundreds of individuals fend off IRS and government agencies’ harassment.

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February 25, 2010
When the 16th Amendment Became Law

Ninety-four years ago this week the United States Constitution suffered its worst-ever addition when the 16th Amendment, which permits a progressive income tax, was ratified by Congress. In just one sentence, a mere 31 words long, our relationship with those who would rule over us was changed dramatically.
A graduated federal income tax became legal for the first time in our country’s history on Feb. 25, 1913, thanks to 16th Amendment. Prior to its ratification the courts had repeatedly ruled that a progressive income tax—that is, the more you earn the greater percentage the government would take—was unconstitutional.
Thanks to a virtual conspiracy among the rich and powerful and their lackeys in Congress, Americans were persuaded that a graduated income tax (a key plank in the Communist Manifesto, by the way) would “soak the rich” and shower benefits on the poor. Instead, as many warned at the time, the tax and those who enforce it have done incalculable harm to the spirit of freedom and independence that once typified this country.

—Chip Wood


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