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By Debbie Morgan, staff writer,, March 26, 2010

Watching the debate on healthcare was like having a nightmare while living in the circus. The clowns never hear those they “entertain,” yet they continue to throw nasty legislation at the public. In one of the better moments from the debate, a Representative said the bill was totally unconstitutional, as the Federal Government does not have the authority to force the public to purchase anything. In an online forum, one gentleman stated that the bill is tantamount to extortion. It is apparent that we are down to the only peaceful recourse available…Support local State Sovereignty bills; the only way to overturn the healthcare nightmare, as well as all other over-reaching federal legislation!


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VA considers healthcare mandate unconstitutional
Jim Brown – OneNewsNow – 3/9/2010 7:00:00 AM

VirginiaVirginia is poised to pass a law that says residents cannot be compelled to purchase health insurance they don’t want.

A bill that has been passed by Virginia’s Senate and House of Delegates is designed to challenge President Obama’s national healthcare reform plan. It states that mandates should not be imposed on people for health insurance.

Bob Marshall (VA Delegate)The chief sponsor of the measure, Delegate Bob Marshall, notes that Congress has never required individuals or businesses to directly purchase any good or service, and he believes it is unconstitutional to force every legal resident of the U.S. to purchase health insurance.

“They’re not doing this after they examine the Constitution and history.  They’re reaching this conclusion because they need that to happen to fund their program,” Marshall contends. “So this is a way of proceeding completely backwards.  The idea here is you’re doing nothing, but they’re going to have to hold that that constitutes economic activity that substantially affects interstate commerce.  That’s like saying, ‘Because I’m not giving my kidney to someone who needs a kidney, I am personally causing them to have ill health or maybe even die.’  This is bizarre reasoning.”

According to the state lawmaker, President Obama is trying to “shift from a government by social compact to a government where the leaders tell the subjects what to do.”  Marshall adds that “it’s no wonder Obama has so many czars running around DC because he’s acting like a Russian czar before the Russian revolution.”

VA considers healthcare mandate unconstitutional

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