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American MajorityAt American Majority, we believe that change must begin at the local level, through engaged citizens effectively implementing freedom. We believe that individual liberty is achieved through limited government and free markets. We believe in lowering the barrier to entry for citizen participation in our republic. By training candidates and activists to be effective today, we are enhancing America’s tomorrow.


In tribute to the pamphleteers of the American Revolution, American Majority is once again reviving the art form to educate and inspire a new generation. American Majority will be releasing a new pamphlet each month, with each new volume highlighting an era of American history.

If you have attended one of our trainings then you have likely heard us make the comparison between pamphleteers of the American Revolution and today’s bloggers. Like pamphlets, today’s blogosphere offers Conservative activists and candidates the opportunity to bypass the mainstream media, taking their message directly to the voters. It is in tribute to that connection that American Majority produces these pamphlets.

Communication can be a powerful force when combined with education. With these pamphlets, American Majority hopes to fill the void of education often missing from today’s news and academic outlets. Each volume will be produced monthly and offer a glimpse at American history like you have never seen before.

Printed copies are available upon request, simply email for more information. See below to view the online versions for free.

Check for additional newly released pamphlets here: View AM Pamphlets >>

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Why America is Great: Volume 1

The first volume of American Majority’s pamphlet series is entitled, “Why America Is Great: Our Rich Heritage.” In volume 1, we wanted to focus on the principles of freedom and government that influenced our Founding Fathers. Taking a step back into Roman, Greek, and Hebrew society, we analyze founding principles, explaining their importance and why we must educate ourselves on the history that made us great.

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Why America is Great: Volume 2

The second volume of American Majority’s pamphlet series is entitled, “Why America Is Great: The Rule of Law.” In volume 2, we discuss the rule of law as it contrasts with the rule of man. We analyze the idea that the king and parliament could not arbitrarily make laws because they themselves were subject to a higher law. Finally, we explore how this battle of ideas helped to spark the American Revolution.

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Why America is Great: Volume 3

The third volume of American Majority’s pamphlet series is entitled, “Why America Is Great: The Appeal to Justice.” In volume 3, we discuss the realization that laws were not created by man, but came from a higher power. Thus, the restrictive laws laid upon the colonists sought to restrict their inalienable liberties. Read on to learn more about the philosophical foundation brought forth in the declaration.

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Why America is Great: Volume 4

The fourth volume of American Majority’s pamphlet series is entitled, “Why America Is Great: Self-Government.” In volume 4, we take a deeper look at how the practice of self-government – on both an individual level and communal level – laid the foundation for the American republic. For any person or nation that is able to govern itself will have the freedom to flourish.

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PresentationIconOur trainers consistently bring high-quality material and experience to each event. Use their knowledge to your advantage! View these presentations to refresh your memory after attending a training, or get new ideas to increase your effectiveness.

Because of limited time at each training location, our staff has learned to pack a lot of material into our presentations. This can often leave some attendees wishing they had more time to spent with certain areas of the presentation. To solve that problem, we have posted our most popular presentations below, with more being prepared.

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Telling Your Story

The left has been far more effective than the right at appealing to people’s hearts, their emotions, to get them to act. The time has come for conservatives to appeal to the heart and the head, make an emotional connection with people, and motivate them to act.

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patriotPatriot 2.0

This presentation introduces trainees to the importance of new media and online tools. From general statistics to specific Facebook, Twitter, and wiki tips, this presentation moves fast, but packs a punch.

View Patriot 2.0 Online Now

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freedomImplementing Freedom

Protests, rallies, and vigils are great places to engage in the political process, but those are only the beginning. Many leaders will move from protesting for freedom to implementing it in policy. Learn how to plan a campaign, fine tune your communication skills, and fundraise in this extensive presentation.

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precinctPrecinct Power

At American Majority, we believe all politics starts locally. To that end, we encourage all activists to engage in organizing and winning precinct battles. From voter identification, to registration, this presentation will prepare you to take back your state one precinct at a time.

View Precinct Power Online

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grassrootsGrassroots Action

Many people want to increase their grassroots effectiveness, but simply don’t know where to start. In this presentation, we walk you through the process of setting up a successful organization, providing useful tips and advice for local organizations looking to expand and succeed.

View Grassroots Action Online

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The SystemThe System

In this presentation, we provide in-depth look at the system we’re in, the problems we’re faced with, how we got here, and what we can do about it.

View The System Online

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PodcastsWelcome to the newly designed Please take advantage of our free resources, including podcasts, guides, and presentations. We hope you will sign up for email alerts under our Join tab so that we can include you in upcoming trainings and announcements. Thank you for all you do.

AMpodcasticonOur small staff tries very hard to train as many people as we can in a year. Sometimes the travel and the funds don’t quite get us to everyone. American Majority’s podcast series is designed to fill some of that void, while offering continued support to training alumni. With convenient access to some of the smartest political minds, you can learn at your leisure. We encourage you to share these podcasts with your friends and family, as education is the cornerstone of a great society. Enjoy.

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Power to the People

In this short series Ned Ryun, President of American Majority, provides practical ways for ordinary citizens to get involved in the political arena and affect change in their local communities. As the title of the series suggests, Power to the People is about rebuilding liberty the only way it can be built: from the ground up.

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Running for Office

Running for office is no small feat. The ebbs and flows of a campaign is enough to test the mettle of any candidate. Ned Ryun, President of American Majority, recognizes this fact in his 22-epsiode series called “Running for Office.” In this series, Ned provides tips on numerous campaign subjects from get-out-the-vote efforts and raising name-identification to utilizing new media and preparing for campaign debates.

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Campaign Tips

Campaign veterans will educate you on the best ways to run a successful campaign. From communications strategy and marketing to being an effective leader in office, these tips provide campaign volunteers and staffers practical how to’s to help their candidate’s win. If you are thinking of running for elected office, this podcast series can teach you the basics and get you on your way to beginning your campaign.

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Activism Tips

Interested in hearing how to become a better activist in your community? Our podcast can teach you how! From organizing online to hardwiring your precinct, this podcast series will educate listeners on how to be a successful implementer of freedom in their communities. The American Majority staff has already trained thousands of activists in communities across the country and you can be next!

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Days of Revolution

Understanding the ideas, figures and events leading up to the revolution is the key to understanding the kind of nation our founders desired. In this podcast series, American Majority President Ned Ryun brings the time period leading up to the Revolutionary War to life. A keen student of 18th century America, Ryun often highlights figures whose impact remains under-appreciated in modern history books.

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History of the Constitutional Convention

American Majority President Ned Ryun explores the major players, debates, and results of the 1787 U.S. Constitutional Convention. In this 31 part series, Ned explores some of the more obscure, but no less important, players of this critical convention. His insightful approach and dedication to accuracy makes for an entertaining and educational resource for anyone looking to learn more about the history and founding of this country.

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Video Tutorials

Online TrainingWe understand that time and financial restraints will prohibit some from attending our training. To help you increase your effectiveness, our staff has put together a series of video tutorials to better assist you as you utilize our media guides and presentations (below)

Each tutorials was designed to explain topics discussed in greater detail. We know that online activism can be a daunting new world for many. We will be adding and updating these tutorials regularly to ensure that our alumni and fellow activists have the best resources available to win the online battle.

GuidesWelcome to the newly designed Please take advantage of our free resources, including podcasts, guides, and presentations. We hope you will sign up for email alerts under our Join tab so that we can include you in upcoming trainings and announcements. Thank you for all you do.

TwittivismUPDATED Twittivism: Guide to Twitter and Activism

Communication can be a powerful force when used effectively. One of the greatest advances in modern communication can be found in social web startups like Twitter. Activists and candidates can utilize this powerful tool to bypass mainstream media outlets, talking directly to fans, members and voters.

With American Majority’s Twittivism Guide, you will learn not only what Twitter and tweeting is all about, but how to use it effectively in your activism. Topics inlcude everything from simple vocabulary to hosting offline “Tweetups.” Confused? Dont’ worry, it’s all in the guide.

View the Free Guide Now >>

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facebookUPDATED Facebook: A Beginner’s Guide

If Facebook was a country, it would be the 3rd largest in the world.

Needless to say, Facebook is a dominant force in the new way we communicate. American Majority employees can often be seen sharing videos, comments, pictures, and links with friends and past trainees (instead of working). Facebook offers activists and candidates a platform to increase transparency and open lines of communication with citizens from across the country. Activism is no longer bound by geographic location and campaign donations no longer subject to a local email list.

Our Facebook Guide will walk you through setting up a profile and organization’s fan page. We will also discuss ways to increase your fan base, “hack” the content on your page, attach other social networks, and much more.

View the Free Guide Now >>

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prPress Release Template

It has become very apparent that many mainstream news sources will choose to overlook grassroots organizations like tea parties, 912 groups, and other fighting for limited government and free market principles. With advances in technology and increased, social web, activists can subvert these institutions and take their message directly to the reporters, bloggers, and citizens that matter.

This easy to understand, detailed press release template lays out the structure and information needed to send out professional releases to key media outlets.

View the Free Press Template >>

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learn to edit wikisLearn to Edit and Maintain Wikis

Wikis are simply editable websites. One of the most famous wikis is Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia that anyone can edit. A study found that although this wikis is open to the public, the information is as accurate as Encyclopedia Britannica. The future of mass collaboration, transparency, and accountability can be found in emerging wikis like Sunshine Review, Ballotpedia, and Judgepedia.

Sites like Sunshine Review empower citizens across the country to share information with each other about their local units of government — cities, counties, school districts, and state agencies. As the country shifts from individual protest to collaborative action, wikis will play a critical role in keeping government accountable and transparent. To help you participate in this new technology and empower your organization, Sunshine Review has produced a set of video tutorials to get you started.

View the Video Tutorials >>

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20/20 Program

1. Social Capitalist: This video serves as an intro into online image management and ways we can increase our marketing efforts online.

2. Digital Pamphleteering: This video serves as an intro into online image management and ways we can increase our marketing efforts online.

3. Blogging: This video serves as an intro for people looking to get a blog or website set up.

4. Social Tools for Blogging: This video introduces tools to take your blog to the next level.

5. Video Editing (Part 1)

6. Video Editing (Part 2)

7. Setting Up Your YouTube Account

8. Facebook for Beginners

9. Facebook Pages

10. Twitter for Beginners

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Political Training

Welcome to the newly designed Please take advantage of our free resources, including podcasts, guides, and presentations. We hope you will sign up for email alerts under our Join tab so that we can include you in upcoming trainings and announcements. Thank you for all you do.American Majority serves candidates and activists in a variety of ways. At the core of its services are the American Majority Political Training Programs. These training programs are designed to bring the expertise and knowledge-base of national politicos, campaign strategists, communication consultants, and seasoned organizers directly into your community.

Currently, these trainings are divided into three sections, called tracks: Candidate Training, Activist Training, and Campus Majority. Each track offers a number of unique courses. For the first time, years of political experience are at your disposal. It is time to lower the barrier of entry into politics. We encourage you to review the political trainings offered below and contact us to set up a training in your community.

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CandidateTrainingImage2Candidate Training

America is in serious need of principled leadership. If you are looking to move beyond protests and rallies, to implementing freedom and liberty, American Majority’s Candidate Training will help equip you with the tools necessary to run for office and to win. In addition, we will provide the extended knowledge and resources needed to guide effective decisions once in office.

Learn More >>

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Activist Training

Attending a protest or rally is no longer enough, we must learn to organize and communicate our advocacy effectively. From organizational structure to advanced new media training, American Majority’s Activist Training will prepare you to make substantial changes in your community.

Learn More >>

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Patriot 2.0 Webinars

History’s greatest movements successfully understood and utilized the communication medium of their day. Whether a novice or a software developer, all activists will find this training useful. American Majority’s Patriot 2.0 Webinars will teach you how to win and influence in a digital age.

Coming Soon

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Campus Majority

College students are often the most overlooked group of activists. Their passion and ability to organize cannot be overstated. Campus Majority provides these young activists with practical approaches to advocacy and activism on and off campus. In addition, students will learn about the fundamentals this country was built on.

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